IT Overview

Anybill develops technology to secure our production environment, offer value-added customizations to our clients and partners, and build data integration bridges with software companies to automate and enhance our services.

There are significant investments made beyond the mandatory requirements, such as the AICPA SOC audits, to operate our business. These include cyber-security measures and monitoring, vulnerability and penetration testing, two-factor authentication, and other activities to ensure the infrastructure is secure.

Customizations are provided at client request for enhancements based on their IT requirements, such as custom API configurations, SSO/SAML that bring together multiple applications, and other features and functionality that clients find beneficial.

Data integrations are a key component of our service for accepting, validating, and pushing data to partners and clients, varying in the way they are designed, developed, and used. Anybill uses standard technology to make it easier for partners and clients to transfer data, and builds custom partner integrations as well as factory-factory integrations with tax software companies for a more automated and seamless integration, e.g. “Anybill Inside.”

  • SOC Audits
  • VulPen Testing
  • Cyber (General)
  • 2FA
  • APIs
  • IT Features (SSO/SAML)
  • Client Integrations (Simple Data Exchange)
  • Software Company Integrations (Factory-Factory)

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