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We’ve addressed the payment challenges of thousands of clients from a variety of industries. As we’ve grown, our clients’ diversity has helped us develop our flexible technology and world-class service.

Client Case Studies



The prospective client was evaluating tax compliance firms and wanted to include the treasury and payment functions.


Finding a payment service provider with the necessary experience, reputation, and demonstrated industry and jurisdictional knowledge to meet requirements.

How Anybill Helped

Anybill provided a payment solution that works seamlessly with the company and its tax compliance provider, making different types of tax payments and handling the return remittance as needed. Anybill knows how to handle all the payments required by the jurisdictions, from sales tax to the telecom fees and surcharges.

Anybill works with a variety of telecommunications companies from all sides of the industry. Our jurisdictional database is constantly updated to provide the most current information on payment requirements, as well as points of contact. And our service meets all regulatory and compliance requirements. 


Technology Hardware

The prospective client was evaluating a major project that would include a full outsourcing of its accounting functions, including tax compliance.


Outsourcing the treasury and payment processing of all tax types that require compliance for sales and use, property, corporate income, and more.

How Anybill Helped

Based on its reputation as the leading tax payment processor in the market, Anybill had specific knowledge regarding how to pay all corporate tax types, and was able to successfully meet these payment requirements in an efficient manner.

Anybill had a long-term relationship with the accounting firm managing the tax compliance project, as well as the knowledge and experience required to support payments for all tax types. The transition was effectively executed because of the working partnership between Anybill and the accounting firm.


Accounting Services

The accounting firm’s management committee decided to evaluate options for eliminating the risk associated with handling funds and making payments for its large roster of tax compliance clients. A variety of options were considered, including the use of a third-party payment service provider.


The accounting firm’s need to transition a large client portfolio to a third-party payment provider posed a unique challenge and required any provider to meet necessary regulatory requirements for a money service business and payment processor.

How Anybill Helped

Payment processing is an Anybill core competency, but managing the process of a large-scale client migration projects is also an area of expertise. Anybill devoted additional resources to provide project management oversight and ensure a smooth process with effective communications to keep all parties informed of the client onboarding status.

Anybill had experience with the transition of large client portfolios containing multiple companies. This experience helped to bolster confidence in the project, enable full transparency for all parties, and deliver an effective client implementation process across the board. Anybill will continue to provide treasury and payment processing services to all new clients going forward.

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