Never Miss A Tax Payment Again With A CrowdReason + AnyBill Integration

Want to ensure you never miss a property tax bill payment again? Here’s the definitive solution.

If there was an easy way to ensure you never missed a single property tax bill payment again, would you take advantage of it? The good news is, there is a way! We’re happy to announce that CrowdReason, next-generation property tax management software, and Anybill, the leading provider of tax payment services, now work seamlessly together to guarantee your tax bills are paid accurately and on time, every time.

Why should you integrate your tax payment solution and your property tax management platform?

Property tax filings and payments are serious business. Unlike typical vendor payments, late tax bill payments come with significant financial penalties and interest fees, as much as 10% of the original bill amount. Organizations with numerous properties need a reliable way to manage multiple billing deadlines, speed up the payment process, confirm payments, and incorporate payment data back into their property tax documentation system so that nothing falls through the cracks. See how MetaTaskerPT software automatically extracts required data from property tax bills and uploads it into your property tax system; and how pairing it with TotalPropertyTax software can simplify your payments, improve your filing accuracy, and give you more time for tax strategizing. All of that can be successfully accomplished by merging your property tax management software with a tax payment automation solution: CrowdReason + Anybill.

Integrating CrowdReason and Anybill offers numerous benefits:

  • The steps involved in fulfilling property tax compliance requirements are dramatically simplified. Preparing and filing returns and tracking and paying bills are two major components of the property tax life cycle; they also constitute a lion’s share of the actual work. By automating your tax management tasks, reducing the burden of deadline tracking, and having your bills paid automatically, you’re not only optimizing your processes—you’re also giving your team more time to strategize ways to lower your tax bills.
  • You reduce the risk of error. Excel spreadsheets and other manual tax tools are prone to human error, and you may be doubling your risk by using different systems for tax payments and tracking deadlines. An integrated management/payment system automates data entry and draws from a singular data source to improve accuracy.
  • You get peace of mind that your bills are being paid correctly and on time. No more checking multiple sources to confirm the accuracy of due dates and amounts, or following up on if bills have been paid. An Anybill + CrowdReason integration gets it right every time, follows up to confirm bills have been paid, and provides supporting documentation that goes directly back into your tax management platform.

How does the CrowdReason + Anybill integration work?

It’s simple: Customers using TotalPropertyTax (TPT) for property tax management can easily identify upcoming tax due dates. When a payment comes due, TPT software generates a check request that includes all the appropriate data—check amount, due date, and address to send to. The check request and accompanying information is then automatically sent to Anybill. Anybill cuts the check for you and mails it to the collector of the appropriate tax jurisdiction along with a copy of the tax bill image (stored in TPT). The software also follows up to ensure payment is received on time and gets the cleared check image from the collector. That cleared check image is transferred back to TPT where it is stored as supporting documentation attached to that specific tax bill. Communication between the platforms is seamless and automatic, which means less work for you.

Ready to transform your property tax cycle for the better?

Want to learn more about Anybill and its services? Visit the Anybill website.If you’re an existing TPT customer and would like to activate the integration, contact us anytime and we’ll get you going. If you’re not yet a TPT customer and would like to start using our tax management tools, we’d love to talk! Our goal is to improve your tax processes and simplify your life; tax payment automation is one more way we can help.

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