Anybill Names Chief Operating Officer Rudy Bejarano as President

Tax payment automation provider Anybill has named Chief Operating Officer Rudy Bejarano as President of the company.


October 18, 2023 (Washington, DC) - Payment automation provider Anybill announced today that RudyBejarano, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and long-time veteran of the company,has been named President.


Bejarano’s career with Anybill began in an entry level positionin 2004, and his continued work has influenced all aspects of the business. Hebecame COO in 2011, overseeing the daily operations for Anybill’s services.


“Rudy is the right person to lead Anybill as we continue toadvance our position as the premier payment solution in the industry,” saidMatt Voorhees, CEO at Anybill. “He’s served with Anybill in so many criticalroles over the past two decades and he knows the business like no one else.He’s the best choice to lead the company.”


As COO, Bejarano oversees customer service, the clientimplementation team, and production operations for payment processing. As thenew president, he will continue to work closely with the technology department,sales and marketing, human resources, and other key departments to ensure Anybill’scontinued success.


“Continuing to be recognized for my efforts with Anybill overthe past 20 years feels incredible, but it goes beyond me,” said Bejarano. “Thisis the result of a company that promotes and embraces talent from within. AsPresident, my goal is to maintain our industry standing without compromisingour core values and renewing our commitment to our employees, who are the realsuccess story behind Anybill.”


About Anybill:


Founded in 2001, Anybill provides tax payment services, directand through partners, to some of the world’s largest corporations andorganizations. Based in Washington, D.C., the company is SSAE 18 SOC1 Type IIand SOC2 Type II compliant. For more information on Anybill, visit



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