CrowdReason Introduces Anybill Integration for Property Tax Payments

CrowdReason has integrated tax payment solution Anybill into its suite of property tax applications. Now, CrowdReason clients can pay their tax bills directly from MetataskerPT and TotalPropertyTax.

Washington, DC (July 18, 2018)

Leading property tax software provider CrowdReason has introduced an integration with Anybill for property tax payments. CrowdReason clients can use the Anybill integration to pay their tax bills directly from MetataskerPT and TotalPropertyTax.

CrowdReason’s applications allow clients to manage their property tax documents. Users can upload and store documents in a secure database, then CrowdReason’s applications auto extract data and relate the document to system records, ensuring seamless tax compliance and integrating data with their enterprise systems.

Anybill automates the tax payment process on behalf of clients. Payment data and returns are submitted to jurisdictions accurately and on time, reducing the risk of penalties or interest fees.

With the Anybill integration, CrowdReason clients can now pay property tax bills directly from their software, dramatically simplifying the process of ensuring property tax compliance. MetaTaskerPT and TotalPropertyTax users can simply click a button to submit payment data to Anybill and begin the payment process.

“Processing and paying tax bills represent the heavy lifting companies have to remain compliant,” said Carl Hoemke, CEO at CrowdReason. “Now with the integration, our clients can use CrowdReason’s applications to process their tax bills and send the payment data directly to Anybill for processing. The entire process is managed in one place saving a huge amount of time. At CrowdReason, we remain diligent in our goal to significantly automate the property tax compliance process and this step will help us achieve our vision.”

CrowdReason is actively rolling out the Anybill feature to its existing client base. To enable the feature, clients will simply need to create and link an Anybill account with MetaTaskerPT or TotalPropertyTax.

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About Anybill

Founded in 2001, Anybill provides tax payment services, direct and through partners, to some of the world’s largest corporations and organizations. Based in Washington, D.C., the company is SSAE 18 SOC1 Type II and SOC2 Type II compliant.

About CrowdReason

Founded in 2014, CrowdReason is a financial technology services company optimizing business processes with its proprietary SaaS applications leveraging trained software robotic processes together with on-demand virtualized labor. The company is SSAE 18 SOC1 Type II compliant.

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