Anybill Integrates with Rethink Solutions to Automate Property Tax Payments

We're excited to announce our new integration with Rethink Solutions to automate property tax payments! Rethink Solutions offers its clients a centralized platform to upload, analyze, and approve property tax bills. Real estate and tax teams don't have to worry about sharing documents between disparate systems, and manual work is reduced or eliminated entirely.

The integration will allow users of itamlink, Rethink Solutions' property tax management software, to send tax payment data and required documentation directly to Anybill, where payments can be processed on behalf of the client. Once tax payments are approved in itamlink, the data and documents flow directly via API connection, and Anybill can start the tax payment process.

Our integration goes both ways, as well. Anybill sends back the check numbers and associated payment data to Rethink Solutions once the payments are made, and itamlink users can retrieve that data directly in their platform. For more information on our integration with itamlink, check out Rethink Solutions' web page detailing the benefits.

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