What it Takes to Build an Industry Leader

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What It Takes to Build an Industry Leader

Leveraging Your Experience

Proven success and experience in the accounts payable industry paved the way for Anybill to enter the tax payment business. The company already had the infrastructure to support tax payments, it just needed to learn the tax compliance services market and build the right relationships. Anybill began working with the big 4 accounting firms and things took off from there. Organic growth was steady as Anybill began to develop a client portfolio by working with these firms and starting relationships with many of the other players in the compliance market. A signature moment was the acquisition of the Thomson Reuters tax payment business in early 2012, which added hundreds of new clients, including many of the largest companies in the U.S. now Anybill is the clear industry leader in providing tax payments with 1,000+ clients and we are still growing.

Building Business Through a Strong Reputation and Value Proposition

From the beginning, we understood the serious nature of this business. If a client’s tax returns and payments are not filed accurately and on time, there is the possibility of financial and reputational damage. Our focus has always been to maintain the best infrastructure that ensures a smooth and consistently successful process. Anybill constantly invests in technology so that our software, hardware, and banking are all integrated and secure. The company undergoes regular operational audits to ensure compliance with the latest standards, follows regulatory guidelines, and works with external consultants to continually improve our process. This is the only way Anybill can guarantee our clients and partners that we mitigate the risk associated with this business.


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Matthew Voorhees

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Since co-founding Anybill, which has since spun its AP Automation solution to the PayPool brand, Matt has continued to…

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Patrick W. Roche

Chairman and Co-Founder

Pat remains involved in the Anybill and PayPool business and provides oversight in a variety of areas. During his…

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Rudy Bejarano

Chief Operating Officer

Rudy oversees the daily and long-term strategies for Anybill and PayPool’s managed services, including all operations. This includes customer…

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Sander Mueller

Chief Strategy Officer

Sander has oversight for all sales and marketing activities, as well as responsibility for maintaining key client and partner…

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Manny Siddiqui

Chief Technology Officer

Manny brings strong technical and managerial experience to managing the Anybill technology infrastructure. He leads the constant maintenance, enhancement…

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Daphne O’Brien

Chief Administrative Officer

Daphne manages all human resources activity and handles administrative functions for the company. Prior to joining Anybill in 2007,…

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Joe Komisar

Senior Vice President of Treasury and General Counsel

Joe manages Anybill and PayPool’s Treasury team and serves as in-house legal counsel. In these capacities, he provides oversight…

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Corporate Philanthropy

Anybill and Community Involvement

From a business perspective, Anybill has expanded nationally while staying true to its roots in the Washington, D.C. area. The same is true of our charitable efforts, as we continue to support causes with local and national impact.

Anybill has a strong relationship with the American Heart Association, sponsoring events and participating in campaigns over many years. CEO Matt Voorhees was chairman of the Washington, D.C. area heart ball for two years, and many other individuals continue to contribute their services.

Anybill also invests in the local community. From student mentoring to sponsoring internships, we support Companies for Causes (CSC), an organization founded to involve businesses in contributing to their local environment. Currently CSC focuses on supporting Eastern High School as well as the associated elementary and middle schools.

Anybill is a proud sponsor of Social Impact 360, an organization founded to establish social entrepreneurship mentoring for students in some of the top colleges and universities in the country. SI360 currently works with numerous schools and has 1,000+ alumni from its program.

Anybill also supports other local charities and nonprofits, participates in fundraising events, and strives to give back to the local community.


Working at Anybill

Our clients depend on us every day, and we foster a culture of hard work and professionalism to provide top-notch service. But we also love what we do, and Anybill employees enjoy added perks, company outings, outstanding facilities, and plenty of opportunities to give back to the community.  Check out our openings below:

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