What it Takes to Build an Industry Leader

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What It Takes to Build an Industry Leader

Leveraging Your Experience

Proven success and experience in the accounts payable industry paved the way for Anybill to enter the tax payment business. The company already had the infrastructure to support tax payments, it just needed to learn the tax compliance services market and build the right relationships. Anybill began working with the big 4 accounting firms and things took off from there. Organic growth was steady as Anybill began to develop a client portfolio by working with these firms and starting relationships with many of the other players in the compliance market. A signature moment was the acquisition of the Thomson Reuters tax payment business in early 2012, which added hundreds of new clients, including many of the largest companies in the U.S. now Anybill is the clear industry leader in providing tax payments with 1,000+ clients and we are still growing.

Building Business Through a Strong Reputation and Value Proposition

From the beginning, we understood the serious nature of this business. If a client’s tax returns and payments are not filed accurately and on time, there is the possibility of financial and reputational damage. Our focus has always been to maintain the best infrastructure that ensures a smooth and consistently successful process. Anybill constantly invests in technology so that our software, hardware, and banking are all integrated and secure. The company undergoes regular operational audits to ensure compliance with the latest standards, follows regulatory guidelines, and works with external consultants to continually improve our process. This is the only way Anybill can guarantee our clients and partners that we mitigate the risk associated with this business.