Anybill New Client Acquisitions Hit Record Level in 1st Quarter 2009

Anybill, Inc., the leading provider of complete, on-demand accounts payable and corporate tax payment solutions announced that its new client acquisitions reached record level in the first quarter of 2009.

In summarizing the year to date, CEO Matt Voorhees said, "Anybill's very positive new business experience is conspicuously contrary to the general economic downturn. In fact, we signed more major new clients during the first quarter of 2009 than in the same period in any of our preceding eight (8) years. Actually, our current upward trend isn't at all surprising. Anybill's unique accounts payable and corporate tax payment offerings deliver the kind of meaningful and measurable cost savings and efficiency gains that businesses are turning over every rock to find today."

Big Four and regional accounting firms were some of the earliest proponents of the Anybill corporate tax payment platform. Today, they continue to recommend Anybill to their own clients. Some of the companies who took their accountants' advice to engage Anybill during the first three months of this year include:

  • Cricket Communications
  • Crothall Services Group
  • T-Mobile USA, Inc.
  • Toyota Motors Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

All of these firms will be depending on Anybill's corporate tax payment technology and expertise. Voorhees added, "Corporate tax payment is a unique and extraordinarily demanding niche within the Accounts Payable field. It has been an Anybill specialty for years and among those who know the field, we are the recognized best practices standard setter for tax payments."

Anybill SVP of Marketing, Peter Bepler, noted that his company's on demand AP and tax payment solutions are suitable for a wide variety of organization sizes and types. "It's not just large corporations who find us useful. Anybill's solutions are unusually scalable and our SaaS platform for accounts payable management, AnyAP, adapts extremely well to the needs of different kinds of organizations. Not-for-profit groups and small- to mid-size enterprises, for example, find us particularly attractive because we give them the efficiency, control, transparency, and reduced costs that they increasingly demand with minimal upfront investment and a per transaction pricing model they prefer." During the last three months Anybill has been chosen to improve the AP operations of numerous organizations and enterprises, including:

  • American Association of Poison Control Centers
  • American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity
  • Global Health Council
  • Melanoma Research Alliance Foundation
  • State of the USA
  • ExpenseWire, LLC
  • About Anybill, Inc.

Since 2001, Anybill has been developing and delivering the most secure, complete and advanced suite of on-demand accounts payable software and services. Large corporations, small- to mid-size enterprises-- including many Not-for-Profit organizations-- along with dozens of accounting firms and CPAs use or recommend Anybill's solutions for their proven ability to positively impact the bottom-line. Anybill's unique Software-as-a-Service and back office business process enables users to save time and money through workplace automation, instant data visibility, financial transparency, records security, fraud protection and contributions to the conduct of financial audits.

Anybill is based in Washington, DC and its office in San Mateo, California serves western states. For more information about Anybill, visit

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