Portal gives small and mid-sized firms a big business social engagement platform

With the launch today of an online philanthropy/community engagement hub, Anybill, Inc., a leading accounting automation software provider, takes a significant step forward in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Anybill’s CSR portal is unique in that it provides a small firm (47 employees) with a sophisticated community support platform previously found only in large organizations.  Anybill executives see the move heralding tomorrow’s corporate philanthropy, and say it provides a strong competitive advantage.

Anybill’s portal, called “Pay It Forward,” is an online hub available only to company employees. Among many features it offers volunteer opportunities, online donation to a wide variety of causes, and the ability to share causes of personal significance.

Peter Bepler, Anybill President, says the company’s “Doing Good is Good for Business” culture is an asset as consumers actively seek community-minded businesses. “As small and mid-sized companies move to meet this interest, the lack of a simple, employee-centered interface is a stumbling block. The market is pushing corporations to create platforms like “Pay It Forward.”

Bepler adds, “Employees also are pushing their employers; demanding a workplace that provides options for, and support of, volunteerism.  And, today’s job candidates want their employer to demonstrate community engagement all year--not just on holidays.”

Anybill CEO Matthew Voorhees says the company’s support of volunteerism makes it stronger. “There’s a link between volunteerism and better collaboration and productivity. Our community projects (also) are great for stress relief, and give us a chance to see team members in a different light.”

Voorhees adds, “Social engagement was instilled in today’s tech-savvy employees in high-school and college. So, Anybill’s culture of helping gives us an additional advantage in attracting and retaining employees.”

The portal is powered by The Catalogue for Philanthropy, a family of more than 300 vetted, Washington, DC-area nonprofits. “The Catalogue is pleased to be teaming with Anybill,” said Katherine Jankowski, Director of Corporate and Community Partnerships. “It’s truly exciting to be on the front edge. Meaningful small business engagement and employee-driven volunteerism are the future of corporate philanthropy.”

About Anybill, Inc.

Since 2001, Anybill has been developing and delivering the most secure, comprehensive and advanced suite of complete, on demand Accounts Payable Software-as-a-Service and sales tax payment solutions to small and medium sized companies, public accounting firms and not-for-profit organizations. Anybill’s unique back office business process enables users to save time and money through workplace automation, instant data visibility, financial transparency, records security, fraud protection and contributions to the conduct of financial audits.

Anybill is based in Washington, DC, and has a Western Region office in San Mateo, CA.

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About The Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington

The Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create a strong and vibrant community by connecting caring citizens with worthy community causes. Employing a rigorous application and review process, the Catalogue vets local nonprofits and then features them on an award winning website; in an annual print catalogue mailed to more than 20,000 households; and on portals deployed by partner employers. More than 100 volunteer reviewers, representing large and small foundations, corporations, giving circles, government agencies, and peer nonprofits, evaluate applicants for distinction, merit, and impact. The Catalogue has helped its network of more than 300 high-impact organizations raise more than $15.1 million from new donors since its inception in 2003. To learn more, visit

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