The Anybill Vendor Portal Is Now a Full-Service Platform

The Anybill Vendor Portal, a tool for vendors to submit invoices and check payment status with Anybill clients, has been enhanced with additional features, establishing a full-service platform for vendors.

In 2015, accounts payable automation provider Anybill launched their vendor portal, an online platform for vendors to submit invoices and check payment status with Anybill clients. Since then, Anybill has continued to enhance the vendor portal to meet a strong client demand.

As its core service, Anybill automates the accounts payable process for their clients. The vendor portal was created to further automate invoicing and reduce inbound vendor inquiries. At the launch, it allowed vendors to directly submit bills, check payment status, and view billing history.

With subsequent updates, vendors can now submit crucial payment and tax information directly through their vendor portal profile. This data includes banking information, taxpayer information, and attachments such as W9s. Any information submitted by a vendor automatically updates the client account, providing a direct data connection between Anybill clients and their vendors.

Client users have always been able to invite their vendors to the vendor portal through Anybill. In addition, Anybill now supports vendor on-boarding, and can invite both current and future vendors on the client’s behalf. This service is available upon request with the Anybill Customer Service team.

Finally, all features of the vendor portal are permission-based, and clients can decide which features should and should not be granted to vendors.

“At its launch, the vendor portal reduced the time spent on vendor inquiries and increased invoicing efficiency,” said Manny Siddiqui, Chief Technology Officer at Anybill. “Now, with data submission, on-boarding support, and permission-based features, the vendor relationship is even easier to manage with Anybill.”

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About Anybill, Inc.

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