Anybill-New Sponsor of Largest Washington, DC Area Not for Profit Accounting Event

Washington, DC November 25, 2008  –  Anybill, Inc., the leading provider of on-demand accounts payable solutions to small and medium sized organizations co-sponsors the GWSCPA Not-for-Profit Symposium and the Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards, the largest 2008 not-for-profit accounting events in Washington, DC.

Richard Dorman, CAE, Interim Executive Director of the Greater Washington Society of CPAs said, “Anybill’s co-sponsorship of our November 18 and 19, 2008 Not-for-Profit Symposium and the Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards is a significant commitment and a particularly meaningful way for the company to be introduced to GWSCPA membership. As the leading provider of on-demand accounts payable solutions to associations and other not-for-profit groups Anybill will be in excellent company with the record 500 plus NFP-focused CPAs and accounting professionals attending our Symposium this week.”

Matt Voorhees, Anybill CEO commented, “More than one hundred associations, foundations and other not-for-profits already rely on Anybill’s on-demand accounts payable solutions because we understand and respond to the unique nature of 501 (c) financial needs, particularly as they relate to control and transparency, savings of staff time and money, compliance and security. Our participation in the Not-for-Profit Symposium and co-sponsorship of the 2008 Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards extends our ability to serve and communicate with the not-for-profit financial community.” Voorhees added that his company’s nascent involvement with the Society will enable GWSCPA members to get a first hand view of Anybill’s soon to be introduced Version 2 of its Accounts Payable Platform, AnyAP.

In describing the Nonprofit CFO of the Year Award, founded in 2006 by Tate & Tryon and West, Lane & Schlager, Charles Tate, CPA Tate & Tryon Managing Partner said, “With the growing need for greater accountability and transparency in the nonprofit sector, CFOs are facing more pressure than ever. In developing this awards program, we wanted to recognize excellence in financial management while at the same time, raise awareness about the critical role that CFOs play in ensuring public trust and confidence, which is essential to the overall success of the organization.” The 2008 Nonprofit CFO of the Year Award winners are:

Lifetime Achievement Award
Eileen G. Frazier
Chief Operating/Financial Officer
The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington

Rising Star Award
Stephanie Murphy
Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute

Innovator of the Year
Jack Deeds
Search for Common Ground

“A theme common to the accomplishments of all this year’s winners,” noted Voorhees, “is the importance that they place on best-in-class systems that deliver financial information in the most timely, accurate, secure and useful manner. We, at Anybill, believe that these are important characteristics that contribute to greatest possible financial transparency.”  

About the Greater Washington Society of CPAs

The GWSCPA is the metropolitan Washington, DC professional association of CPAs with members in the District of Columbia, Suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia. Its 2,200 professional members are in business and industry, public practice, government and in educational institutions as instructors and students. The group also includes non-CPA affiliate members. The society provides its members with educational, networking, licensing, mentoring and business services.

About Tate & Tryon

A nationally recognized leader in the highly visible and rapidly changing nonprofit industry, Tate & Tryon achieves excellence through attention to specific client needs. Tate & Tryon understands that there is great diversity within the nonprofit world and, thus, addresses the unique challenges faced by each of its individual nonprofit clients while retaining the broader understanding of the industry as a whole. Tate & Tryon headquarters are in Washington, DC.

About Anybill, Inc.

Since 1998, Anybill has been developing and delivering the most secure, comprehensive and advanced suite of on-demand Accounts Payable Software-as-a-Service to small and medium sized companies, accounting firms and tax-exempt associations and other not-for-profit organizations. Anybill’s unique back office business process enables users to save time and money through workplace automation, instant data visibility, financial transparency, records security, fraud protection and contributions to the conduct of financial audits.
Anybill is based in Washington, DC and its office in San Mateo, California serves western states. For more information about Anybill, visit