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From Profit Recovery to Profit Retention:

Many companies today rely on “post-transaction recovery” to audit, reconcile and recover mistaken vendor payments. However, this blunt-force, after-the-fact approach to invoice reconciliation is extraordinarily costly and wasteful. 
Due to process inadequacies in their accounts payable (AP) departments, they are cutting checks that are not owed, paying phantom bills and contributing to various forms of “profit leakage.”
Best-in-class companies, however, have discovered that these operational mistakes are preventable. Leveraging Intelligent Invoice Reconciliation (IIR) solutions, they are engaging in the “pre-transaction retention” of mishandled payables—taking action before dollars erroneously fly out the door. By analyzing their transaction data in real-time and reconciling invoices with payables, they are pre-empting AP leakage, enhancing operational processes and protecting their profits. 
This position paper explains how these advanced companies are rethinking their approaches to invoice reconciliation and establishing a stronger foundation for accounts payable. 
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