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Crothall Service Group

Crothall Service Group provides specialized support for hospitals & life-care facilities, education facilities and business & industry clients—more than 1500 in 44 different states across the country. Hundreds of sales and use tax jurisdictions and require that Crothall file and pay 150+ tax returns each month, a chore now handled by KPMG and Anybill.
 “We provide the sales and use data to our tax compliance partner, KPMG. While Anybill handles the tax payment and mailing of returns with service, customer support and reliability which makes the entire process a breeze. All Crothall has to do is approve the payments – no cutting checks, no envelopes and no hassles.  It’s that simple.”
Donnett Purnell, Accounts Receivable Assistant Manager, Crothall Service Group

SALES  1-877-426-9245  |  SUPPORT  1-866-957-2455