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Winner Announced from the AFP Annual Conference

We're excited to announce JOHN DALY as the winner of our "The Way You Do the Things You Do" drawing from the AFP Annual Conference.

Everyone has their own way of doing things. In life and at work. So whether you like martinis shaken or stirred, the electric slide or harlem shake, or prefer PCs to Macs, it is all the same to us as long as you get AP automation your way. John won his choice of an iPad® or Surface™ and selected an iPad®.


Thank you to everyone who participated in our drawing and visited us during the AFP Annual Conference. We certainly enjoyed the conference and we hope you did too.

Congratulations, John!

Anybill Expands Its Commitment to Community Organizations

We're continuing our commitment to community wellness by supporting the American Heart Association and Whitman-Walker Health in upcoming fundraising events. With heart disease and AIDS remaining critical threats to public health, we support the search for improved treatment and will participate in the 2013 Greater Washington Region Heart Walk and AIDS Walk Washington DC.

To get all of the details, read the full press release here.

AIDS Walk Washington - October 26, 2013

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is an important priority to us here at Anybill.  On Saturday, October 26, we will join thousands of other individuals in the 27th Annual AIDS Walk Washington.

This event is a 5K fundraising walk and timed run benefiting Whitman-Walker Health, a non-profit organization providing dependable health care to those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

To learn more about the event, click here.

                           Pictured above: The Anybill team at the 2012 AIDS Walk Washington.

We're going to PayStream INNOVATE! Are you?

We're pumped for the PayStream INNOVATE '13: The Purchase to Pay Summit next week! If you're attending, come see us at booth #3 and learn how automated AP lets you retain your existing workflows while gaining greater visibility and control.

You will also have the chance to win an iPad or Surface (your choice!) by entering our "The Way You Do the Things You Do" drawing.

PayStream INNOVATE '13: The Purchase to Pay Summit
September 16-18, 2013
Hilton Charlotte Center City
222 East Third Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Learn more about the conference here.

Wherever You Are, Whenever You Want

Did you spend your last summer vacation worrying about paying invoices on time? Don't let that happen again.

With AP automation, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your summer. Whether you’re boating or lounging on the beach, Anybill gives you 24/7 access along with greater control and visibility.


Learn more about end-to-end AP automation here.

Does Your AP Function Have a Solid Foundation?

Is your AP really as strong as it should be? You might think so, but with the accounts payable environment rapidly changing, it's best to check your foundation on a regular basis.

During our webinar with AP Now & Tomorrow, Mary Schaeffer covered how to set up invoice processing to incorporate strong controls, best practices, as well as regulatory compliant practices. She also walked us through an informative checklist of strong foundation practices every organization should use. Be sure to download the checklist to evaluate your own operation.

View the webinar presentation and recording to learn how you can start building a solid foundation today.

Winner Announced from Sage Summit 2013

We're proud to announce SONYA REED as the winner of our "The Way You Do the Things You Do" drawing from Sage Summit 2013.

Everyone has their own way of doing things. In life, and at work. So whether you like martinis shaken or stirred, the electric slide or harlem shake, or prefer PCs to Macs,   it's all the same to us as long as you get AP your way. Sonya won her choice of a Surface™ or iPad® and has selected an iPad®.


Thank you to everyone who visited us at Sage Summit and participated in our drawing.

Congratulations, Sonya!

Just Released: 2013 AP Automation Study


Do you know the latest trends in AP automation? Stay up-to-date and don't let your organization fall behind.

The Institute of Financial Operations just released the 2013 AP Automation Study which covers the current state of AP, as well as:

  • Satisfaction with various technologies among adopters
  • Key automation drivers
  • Technology spending plans
  • Biggest obstacles to automation

Find out how your peers (and competitors) are reshaping their operations with emerging technologies.

Check out the new study here.

Want to build a best practice AP organization?

Join us for Part 3 of our 4-part webinar series with Mary Schaeffer of AP Now & Tomorrow to learn how to incorporate strong controls, best practices, and regulatory compliant practices into your AP process.

Date: Tuesday, August 13
Time: 1:00 pm ET

Mary will walk us through a checklist of strong foundation practices every organization should use.

Register here.

SME's are Taking the Plunge into AP Automation Waters

Do you think your organization is too small to even consider an AP automation solution? Well, think again.

Today, the number of SME's implementing AP automation solutions is increasing. With AP automation being affordable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-implement, SME's are now reaping the benefits that were once limited to tech-savvy, IT heavy, Fortune 1000 companies.
PayStream has developed a Technology Insight report for those small to mid-sized enterprises with an interest in AP automation, which covers:

This new report also focuses on key performance indicators for evaluating and selecting the solution that meets your firm’s needs.

For SME's, AP automation is no longer out of reach and it's time to dive head first into AP automation waters.

Check out PayStream's report here.


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