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AIDS Walk Washington - October 27, 2012

Committing to corporate social responsibility has always been important to us here at Anybill so we are excited to announce we will once again be participating in the 26th Annual AIDS Walk Washington. The 5K fundraiser will take place on Saturday, October 27th and will benefit Whitman-Walker Health. The AIDS Walk has always played a fundamental role in raising the funds to help fight the epidemic and team Anybill is proud to support the cause.

To find out more about the AIDS Walk visit:

American Heart Association’s 14th Annual Heart Ball

Anybill recently co-sponsored the American Heart Association’s 14th annual Greater Washington Region’s Heart Ball. The event raised more than $1 million to support  research, public education, and CPR training in the Washington, DC area.

Anybill’s “Doing Good is Good for Business” culture found a perfect partner in the Greater Washington Heart Ball.  The Heart Association spends more in our region than it raises due to the high volume of medical research taking place here. Our support helps the Association continue its life-saving work, reaching out to at-risk populations to create a healthier community.

The Ball has a special place in my heart (I was the 2012 vice chair) because it takes on cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death for American men and women -- and an enduring menace in my family.

A reporter from The Washington Post (read the article here) attended the Ball. When she asked about my thoughts on heart disease, I replied with three numbers: 67, 57 and 1.  These figures, I explained, correspond to ages:  67 is the age of the oldest any make has lived in my family, 57 is age at which my grandfather died from the disease, and one is the age of my niece when she was first threatened by a serious heart related issue.

I left the event with a great feeling of satisfaction. Not only had we had a great time (the food and music were outstanding), but we raised a significant amount of money for an important cause and raised public awareness of a critical health issue. I’m excited about next year’s Heart Ball  (I’ve already signed on as the 2013 event chair), confident we can attract more guests, raise more funds
and support more research.

If I’ve sparked an interest in taking better care of your heart, or supporting the work of the American Heart Association, I encourage you to visit the AHA website and DONATE!!

With Heartfelt Thanks,


Check out our cool ad for the AHA Heart Ball!

On the Measurement of Success


As Anybill steps into the year 2012, we find ourselves in a very good place.  Looking back, we have a year to be grateful for: talented new team members, record growth and strong partnerships formed. These same gifts give us good reason to look forward with optimism.

Our success in 2011 allowed us to step up our role in the community, embracing our “Doing Good is Good for Business” culture and putting in motion our new “Pay it Forward” Corporate Social Responsibility program.  As we mentioned in our last blog posting, “Pay it Forward” began in November with our support of Healthy Babies Project (HBP) via the Adopt-a-Family campaign. 

Adopt-a-Family has been an especially exciting project for us. Anybill is sponsoring two young mothers, Rochelle (21) and Diamond (18) who face challenging economic circumstances.  Both have impressed us with their determination and tenacity.  We’re honored to work with them, and we took great pleasure in sharing the holiday season with them.

Anybill employees learned about Adopt-a-Family through our new online community engagement portal. A large group of us gathered to buy Christmas gifts for Diamond and Rochelle and, filled with holiday spirit, we left with bags of clothing, baby supplies and toys.

We met the women with our gifts at an HBP party held on December 20th.  Rochelle and Diamond were overwhelmed. Rochelle told us, “If it wasn’t for what I received from Anybill, I wouldn’t have had a Christmas.” Diamond made four trips out of the building to carry all her gifts.

It was truly a special experience – more so because we shared it as a team. This is one reason we believe so strongly in Anybill’s engagement in CSR – all of us ended the year feeling good about ourselves, uplifted by our coworkers and optimistic about our corporate future. We also have the pleasure of knowing the community is a better place for our participation.

We love having Anybill recognized as a market leader, but we also like having the company known as a great place to work and as a business that makes a difference. Our success, we believe, should be measured by the realization of these things in combination.

Please follow our progress by coming back to this blog. We’ve got some exciting news to share in the coming months!


Matt and Peter


Welcome to the Anybill blog.

We’re making 2012 the “Year of the Blog.” This wasn’t a New Year’s resolution, but writing a blog seems like a great way to share our enthusiasm for automated AP. We see it as a business practice with real, transformative power and our collective experience at Anybill has value worth passing along.

We have two objectives for this platform, and the first is straightforward: We want to provide you with updates on everything new at Anybill; product launches, new hires, tips and best practices, and special events. Our ambition is to make reading this blog a rewarding use of your time, and we’ll provide fresh, ready-to-use content as an incentive to keep you checking in regularly.

Our second objective is to give you a sense of who we are and how we think. Anybill is operating in an exciting new space, the transition of Accounts Payable from manual to digital processing, and this blog will give you a background for understanding the issues we face and decisions we make. 

This, in fact, is a great launching point for our inaugural blog post. One of the things that truly defines Anybill is our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  We believe our business is inextricably woven through the fabric of our community – not only through our homes, friends and families, and local organizations that we support—but also the sense of responsibility and pride that comes with being a good neighbor.

Although the “Doing Good is Good for Business” philosophy has always been part of our corporate culture, we took it to a new level in 2011. Anybill was very involved in the support of Companies for Causes and the Catalogue for Philanthropy—Greater Washington, as well as the development of our own in-house CSR program, Pay It Forward (Click here to learn more).

Because Pay It Forward hit the streets as we entered the holidays and end-of-year rush, we haven’t had much time to reflect on our achievements. Our team is now working locally with the Healthy Baby Organization, helping families begin 2012 with good health and in good cheer. In our next posting we’ll share some of our experiences and hopes for the coming year.

Launching this social engagement portal has been a learning experience and a lot of hard work.  But the enthusiasm we see here, and the excitement of our philanthropic colleagues, allows us to say with confidence that Pay It Forward will be a success and a positive force in our community.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you in the coming weeks and months. Please rejoin us here to see pictures and hear stories from our holiday season. Until then, we wish for your peace, health and prosperity.

Matt & Peter


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