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Top Ten Myths of Accounts Payable Outsourcing

Taking hold of the advantages best-in-class companies gain through efficient, automated AP processing means letting go of common misconceptions about outsourcing.

The value of business process outsourcing has been proven time and again at companies from among all industries and across the size spectrum. Best-in-class enterprises recognize the need for greater efficiencies, lower processing costs, and better visibility and control in time-sensitive business processes. To accomplish these objectives, companies have partnered with outsourcers in order to capitalize on greater economies of scale, specialized knowledge, and leading-edge technology.

However, companies have often been reluctant to outsource some financial processes, such as accounts payable (AP). Even though companies with best-in-class accounts payable processes are four times more likely than others to outsource their entire AP operations, just 16% of all companies currently do. Companies’ reluctance to outsource accounts payable is often based in unfounded fears and common misconceptions. 

Don’t fall prey to the most common myths of accounts payable outsourcing: arm yourself with the facts

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